From the Hellman family

Founders — Chris & Warren Hellman

Photograph by Martha Stewart

The Hellman family began the Hellman Fellows Program in 1994, making grants to colleges and universities in support of junior faculty research.  We made an educated guess that junior faculty could greatly benefit from early career funding. It seems we were right.

Over the years, the Hellman Fellows program has supported more than 1,500 junior faculty members, who are now chairs and heads of departments, MacArthur Geniuses and tenured faculty with long track records of successful research.

We have had the opportunity to meet with hundreds of Hellman Fellows over the years and to listen to their discoveries and the great potential in their work continues to impress and amaze us year after year. Hearing what they have to say never grows old. Creating the Hellman Fellows Program is one of the best things our family has ever done with our giving.


The 2011 Hellman Fellows Annual Report pays tribute to our founders, Chris & Warren Hellman.