The Graduate Awards


The Hellman Graduate Awards was a pilot program developed in 2014 in partnership with UC Berkeley to provide doctoral student support on campus. The goal of the grant was to enhance funding packages for new or continuing students during their studies at UC Berkeley and was open to any field on campus.

Hellman Fellows

The Hellman Graduate Awards was aligned with the existing UC Berkeley Hellman Fellows program for mutual benefit. Nominations for Hellman Graduate Awards were limited to Hellman Fellows on the UC Berkeley campus, providing an opportunity for a Hellman Fellow to:

• Attract or retain a graduate student of their choosing

• Manage the use of the funding over the life of the award to meet student needs

• Provide additional research experiences available to doctoral students

• Mentorship to a rising scholar


Forty-four Hellman Graduate Awards were made during the pilot period. A minimum of 14 Hellman Graduate Awards were made annually over a three year period. Each award was up to $35,000 and could be used to support stipends over a maximum of 5 years. No more than $20,000 could be spent in any one year.