UC Berkeley Hellman Graduate Awards Lunch

The UC Berkeley Hellman Graduate Awards is a three year pilot started in 2014, established to support Hellman Fellow faculties’ ability to attract and retain world-class graduate students.

Through a competitive process, Hellman Fellows nominate entering or current students for consideration. Nominations are made in January each year to the Graduate Division. Selection committees are comprised of non-nominating Hellman Fellows.

The inaugural Graduate Awards lunch to honor the first 14 awardees selected in 2014 was held in March 2015. Each Hellman Graduate introduced their research and nominating faculty members attended in support of an awardee.

Susan Hepp, a 4th year in Microbiology says, “The Hellman Award has given me the flexibility to take on new projects in the lab, form collaborations with new colleagues, and receive training that will be imperative for a future research-based career in microbiology.”


Adrian Po, a 2nd year in Physics, was born and raised in Hong Kong. Po finds being a graduate student in the Physics department a very rigorous and competitive endeavor.  He appreciates the culture his advisor has created among his advisees that centers around a community of researchers.







Michael Reeves, a 1st year student in Comparative Biochemistry, says that he decided to come to UC Berkeley because of its rich network and outstanding student body that he can rely on for research ideas and feedback. “The Hellman Graduate Award is a life-fulfilling opportunity and an experience that will benefit me in graduate school and throughout my career.”