20th Anniversary Events

The Hellman Fellows program turned 20 years old in 2014.  Over 200 Fellows from UC Berkeley and UC San Diego celebrated this milestone on their specific campus. Chancellor Dirks and Chancellor Khosla hosted the events.


Frances Hellman, President of the Hellman Fellows Fund, welcomes UC Berkeley Fellows to the event hosted at the Chancellor’s home in October 2014.




Malo Hutson (L), 2012 UCB Fellow and Julie Hooper (R), University Relations





Fellows gather in the Chancellor’s garden on the UC Berkeley campus.





Elizabeth (Lisa) Wymore (C), 2007 UCB Fellow,  Abigail DeKosnik (R), 2013 UCB Fellow





UCB Chancellor Dirks welcomes the Fellows and speaks about the impact of the program on the campus.




Shawn Shaden (L), 2014 UCB Fellow, Susan Muller (C), 1995 UCB Fellow and Reza Alam (R), 2014 UCB Fellow




David Sedlak (C), 1996 UCB Fellow and John Battles (R), 1998 UCB Fellow





Yasunori Nomura (L), 2005 UCB Fellow, Frances Hellman (C) and Warren Breslau (R)





Malo Hutson (2nd from L), Michi Taga (3rd from L) and Chelsea Specht (R)




Janet Brought (far L) Vice Provost for Faculty, Isha Ray (2nd from left) 2004 UCB Fellow, Irene Bloemgaard (2nd from R) 2005 UCB Fellow




Hellman Family — Tricia Hellman Gibbs (L) and Frances Hellman (R)




UC San Diego Event in January 2015: Suresh Subramani, Executive Vice Chancellor, Rommie Amaro (Left Center), 2010 UCSD Fellow, Sheldon Brown (Right Center), 1997 UCSD Fellow, Pardeep Khosla (R), UCSD Chancellor


James Driscoll (L), 2013 UCSD Fellow. Prashant Bharadwaj (2nd from L) 2012 UCSD Fellow, Claire Adida (3rd from L), 2011 UCSD Fellow, Mark Jacobson (3rd from R), 2011 UCSD Fellow. Jennifer Burney (2nd from R), 2014 UCSD Fellow, and Gordon McCord (R), 2013 UCSD Fellow


San Diego Bluegrass band, Mojave Soul, provides entertainment and homage to founder, Warren Hellman



Gert Lanckriet (L), 2009 UCSD Fellow, and Steve Gamer, UCSD Vice Chancellor, Advancement





Sheldon Brown, 1996 UCSD Fellow





Claire Adida (L), 2011 UCSD Fellow and Sebastian Saiegh (R), 2009 UCSD Fellow





Fellows from across the years at UCSD Event



Sebastian Saiegh (L), 2009 UCSD Fellow; Joshua Kohn (2nd from L), 2008 UCSD Fellow; Heather Henter (3rd from L), guest/Kohn; Elsa Cleland (3rd from R), 2010 UCSD Fellow; Eric Allen (2d from R), 2011 UCSD Fellow; James Nieh (R), 2005 UCSD Fellow