Frequently Asked Questions

What activities does the Hellman Fellows Fund support?

The Hellman Fellows Fund supports junior faculty research on the ten campuses of the UC system and at four private institutions (see full list of programs). A pilot program to support doctoral students is currently being implemented at UC Berkeley.

How can I get a program started at my institution?

The Hellman Fellows Fund does not take unsolicited requests.

What are the selection criteria for the Hellman Fellows?

Selection of fellows is made by each program institution (see full list of programs).

What do Hellman Fellows receive?

The amount varies by program. A typical cap is $50,000.

What fields are generally represented among the Hellman Fellows?

The Hellman Fellows Fund typically supports all disciplines represented by the program institution (schools of medicine, schools of dentistry or veterinary medicine normally are not supported).

How do I apply for a Hellman Fellows award?

Faculty can only apply if an award program has been established on their campus (see full list of programs).

How can a Hellman Fellowship be spent?

Awards can be spent as needed for research purposes (equipment, travel, photography, graduate RA’s, etc.) Awards cannot be used to replace salaries paid by the institution.

How are Hellman Fellows program applications reviewed?

The review process is completed by each individual campus. As the programs mature at each institution, former recently tenured Hellman Fellows participate in the application review process. The application process is kept brief – typically a three to five page proposal is required.

Who manages the selection committee?

The selection committee is typically managed by the Office of Academic Affairs on each campus. The head of academic affairs chairs a committee from the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Sciences and Engineering. Hellman Fellows who have received tenure are also invited to participate on the selection committee.

What are the Hellman Graduate Awards?

The Hellman Graduate Awards is a three year pilot program being implemented at UC Berkeley providing financial support to doctoral students. Learn More

What do Hellman Graduate Awardees receive?

Individual awards are up to a maximum of $35,000, paid out over a maximum of five years and up to $20,000 can be provided in any one given year.

What are the selection criteria for the Hellman Graduate Awards?

Hellman Graduate Awardees are nominated by Hellman Fellows on the UC Berkeley campus. Both new applicants and current students can be nominated.

How do I apply for a Hellman Graduate Award?

There is no application process for graduate students. Hellman Fellows will identify students to nominate for an award. Awards are made by April 15 each year.

Who are Chris & Warren Hellman?

Chris & Warren (1934-2011) lived in San Francisco. The Hellman’s have four adult children who are actively engaged in the family’s philanthropy.