Aimee Medeiros, PhD

2017 Hellman Fellow

Assistant Professor and Program Director, History of Health Sciences, Department of Anthropology, History and Social Medicine

Project Title: Too Young to Die: The History of the Children’s Hospital in America

Project Summary:
Dr. Medeiros second book-length project, Too Young to Die: The History of the Children’s Hospital in America, will produce the first comprehensive history of the development of the children’s hospital in America. It emphasizes the rise of this institution from 1855 to 1950 and will focus on several groundbreaking institutions across the nation: Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (the first of its kind in the U.S., est.1855), Children’s Hospital of Boston (est. 1869), Children’s Hospital of Michigan (est. 1877), St. Louis Children’s Hospital (est. 1879), San Francisco’s Children’s Hospital (est. 1887), and Children’s Hospital of Alabama (est. 1911). The use of a comparative approach to this history will help determine the impact regional forces, such as demographics and the local economy, had on the creation of this institution in various geographies and will shed light on how national standards were established as Too Young to Die aims to consider the children’s hospital as an influential social enterprise that responded to broader currents in American life – such as race relations and gender social dynamics.

The Hellman Fellows Fund will make it possible for Medeiros to conduct extensive research at various archives throughout the US, making this project truly national in scope and allowing for a comprehensive investigation of the origins of the pervasive race-based healthcare inequalities in pediatrics today.