Amal Eqeiq

2018 Hellman Fellow

Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature
Williams College

Ph.D., University of Washington, comparative literature (2013)

Project Title:  Indigenous Affinities: Comparative Study in Mayan and Palestinian Narratives

Amal Eqeiq will use her Hellman Fellowship to support research for her book project, tentatively titled Indigenous Affinities: Comparative Study in Mayan and Palestinian Narratives. Her manuscript will examine the literature (defined broadly to include oral texts, community performances at memorial sites in rural areas, and rap music) of Mayans in Chiapas, Mexico, and of Palestinians in Israel in the context of comparative indigeneity and their overlapping histories of settler-colonialism, borderlands, and emerging indigenous nationalism. She will travel to Mexico, Guatemala, and Palestine to visit rural memorial sites, conduct preliminary interviews with Mayan and Palestinian rappers, and conduct archival research on indigenous literary traditions. She will visit Amman and London, to interview prominent Palestinian rappers from the diaspora. She will also travel to Berlin, where she will visit additional memorial sites and meet with key art historians in order to gain deeper insight into the differences between urban and rural memorial sites