Bodo Bookhagen

2010 Hellman Fellow

Associate Professor, Geography
UC Santa Barbara

Project Title: Landsliding and erosion during the 2009-10 and previous El Ninos in the Santa Barbara Area

“The Hellman Fellowship provided me with the financial freedom to pursue my research and allowed me to acquire additional data to constrain landscape changes after wildfires and large rainfall events. It came at a crucial point in my career where other funding sources (NSF, NASA) wouldn’t have been fast enough or adequate.”

Research Interests

Understanding Quaternary climate change, geomorphic processes, landscape evolution, and tectonic processes through integrated studies involving cosmogenic radionuclide dating (He, Ne, Be, Al, Cl), recent and past climatic records, remote sensing, numerical modeling, and field observations. Spatial scales range from hillslopes (0.1 km) to entire mountain ranges (~1000 km). For smaller scale analysis, I am using a terrestrial laser scanner (Riegl) to create high resolution, cm-scale digital elevation models for erosion-process deciphering.

Field, Laboratory and Computational Experience

Quaternary Climate Change and Landsliding: Northwest Argentine Andes and NW Himalaya

Coastal Active Tectonics: South-central Chile, southern California

Exposure-Age Dating (CRN): NW and central Himalaya, south-central Chile, southeast Kyrgyzstan (Tien Shan)

Landscape Evolution: Southeast Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz Range, NW Himalaya, south-central Chile

Computational Experiences: Development of high-resolution algorithms for the NASA TRMM Satellite, Hydrological Modeling of Lake-Level Changes, and landscape evolution modeling