Caitlin Patler

2019 Hellman Fellow

Assistant Professor, Sociology
UC Davis

Project Title: The DACA Longitudinal Study

Project Description: Undocumented immigrant youth experience a range of disadvantages, leading to substantial socioeconomic and health disparities.  Do policies or programs that regularize legal status lead to greater equity?  The 2012 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program granted a subset of undocumented youth temporary work authorization and relief from deportation.  Using longitudinal and mixed-methods data from over 500 immigrants in California- one of the only studies of its kind-Dr. Patler analyzes DACA’s long-term impacts, comparing recipients to non-recipients.  The Hellman Fellowship will support Wave 3 of this study.  Findings will inform policy-makers and practitioners seeking to reduce inequality based on immigration status.