Claudia Diaz Mooney

2017 Hellman Fellow

Assistant Professor, UCSF Family and Community Medicine, Associate Residency Program Director, UCSF Family and Community Medicine Residency

Project Title: Teaching Clinical Transformation: A mixed methods study of resident education in high-performing primary care and quality improvement

An effective, widespread movement to revitalize primary care requires health professionals to lead, follow, and actively participate in practice transformation. The training periods of medical school and residency are prime opportunities to engage trainees as partners in practice transformation and to teach them skills for leading transformation in the future. However, there remains a gap between what is learned in traditional medical curricula and what is needed to lead and participate in health systems improvement. The primary goal of this project is to increase the readiness and enthusiasm of residents to lead primary care transformation in underserved settings. By adequately preparing a future workforce equipped to meet the individual, community, and systems needs of underserved populations, this has the potential to address and reduce health disparities. Practice transformation, independent of its impact on learners, can also be anticipated to improve the quality of patient care, improve patient access, and improve patient experience as well as staff and provider satisfaction. The project method focuses on a non-randomized and pragmatic trial of a didactic and experiential primary care transformation curriculum within a family medicine residency. Support from the Hellman Fellows Program will allow me to design and begin to execute a more comprehensive evaluation.