J.P. Park

2015 Hellman Fellow


Assistant Professor, History of Art
UC Riverside

Research Project: Conflicted Realities: Painting and Cultural Politics in Late Choson Korea (1700-1850)

Biography: J.P. Park’s research interests touch upon a wide spectrum of art historical materials ranging from ancient tombs in North Korea to contemporary art in China. His first book, Art by the Book: Painting Manuals and the Leisure Life in Late Ming China (University of Washington Press, 2012) discusses how the genre of “how-to-paint” books can be productively examined as a key element in the larger cultural matrix of the early modern China, not only in terms of the knowledge and practice of art, but also as a register of social changes, gender issues, fashion, leisure, and conflicts of taste. He has also authored an exhibition catalogue, Keeping It Real: Korean Artists in the Age of Multi-Media Representation, wherein he tries to expose the limitations of current modes of globalization in contemporary art and illuminates the concept of “post- globalism” as an alternative channel of historical analysis. He has also published multiple articles on contemporary East Asian art, Chinese print culture, and Chinese literary criticism.

Website: https://arthistory.ucr.edu/faculty/j-p-park/