Jeremie Palacci

2018 Hellman Fellow

Assistant Professor, Physics
UC San Diego

Project Title: Tunable Structural Pigments for Smart Fabrics using Non-Equilibrium Interactions

Project Description: Cephalopods, such as squid or cuttlefish, and chameleons exhibit an amazing control over their appearance. They can change color, contrast of pattern to adapt their environment presenting countless possibilities for camouflage and display. The color change originates from specialized cells such as chromatophores or iridophores. We aim at imitating the function achieved by chameleons or octopi, without mimicking the route they take to achieve such function. We use structural pigments, where the color originates from a physical structure rather than chemical pigments, by controlling non-equilibrium phoretic interactions. It allows multiple colors from a single inert material provided an adequate control of the structure at the nanoscale and offers a desirable degree of tunability to color-changing device.