Litia Perta

2015 Hellman Fellow

Assistant Professor, Art
UC Irvine

Project Title: Tidal Kinships

Research Description: Litia Perta, assistant professor of Art Writing and Critical & Curatorial Studies in the Department of Art, was named a 2015-2016 Hellman Fellow for “Tidal Kinships,” a two-phase research project that consists of a curated performance series, “Writing Bodies,” that will kick off the Fall program of the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York City, and a sister event, “Just Speak Nearby: The Politics & Practice of Art Writing,” that will converge a group of artists, scholars, curators and writers on the UC Irvine campus during the winter of 2016. “Tidal Kinships” considers how we relate to objects when the subject position from which we relate is shifting, intersectional, historically marginalized. The work theorizes the relationship of art practice to the writing that investigates it in order to generate new forms of discourse that both question and expand this relation.

Bio: Dr. Perta, who joined the faculty in 2013, focuses on rigorous, interdisciplinary examinations of the ways in which non-normative subjectivities, particularly those that have been historically marginalized, come to personhood through art. She works on alternative forms of discourse (poetic, affective, colingual, multi-vocal) that open up space for scholarship and writing around art to expand and include voices, perspectives, and subject positions that have been hitherto unheard, as well as those that remain still yet to come.

Statement: “I am both thrilled and honored to receive such generous support for my research and I am so looking forward to using my Hellman fellowship to bring an ever widening community of artists and scholars to participate in the extraordinary intellectual life of the UC Irvine community.”