Patrick LeMieux

2019 Hellman Fellow

Assistant Professor, Cinema & Digital Media
UC Davis

Project Title: Money Games: Precarious Play and Risky Business in the Post-2008 Economy

Project Description: Points, scores, tokens, chips, coins, cash, stocks, scrip—after the US housing bubble burst and the global financial industry crashed in 2008 and with the emergence of the gig economy, crypto assets, and platform capitalism over the last decade, money has gotten weird. From the financialization of everyday life to the gamification of daily work, in the 21st century our wages are increasingly a wager and our games are always gambles. “Money Games” is a co-authored book with Stephanie Boluk that investigates and intervenes in the intersection between work and play as well as the longer, intertwined history of gambling and gaming by following the money across different technologies, communities, and countries. From esports betting and crowdfunding schemes to virtual insurance policies and American politics, the Hellman Fellowship will help fund the travel, tools, and time to complete the research for this manuscript in 2019.