Seth Pipkin

2015 Hellman Fellow

Assistant Professor, Planning, Policy & Design
UC Irvine

Project Title: Transnational Migration and Citizen Journalism on the US-Mexico Border

Project Description: The paucity of public information about security in northern Mexico produces its own form of crisis, leaving citizens vulnerable and their relationships to local institutions ambiguous. This study will employ mixed methods (interviews, on-site ethnographic observation, qualitative analysis, spatial analysis) to research citizen-level responses to violence and uncertainty in an institutionally compromised environment on the South Texas-northeastern Mexico border region. These methods are applied to two key, interrelated questions: what are the processes guiding outcomes for Mexican elites who relocate across the border to the United States, and how do those who stay behind in Mexico adapt to stay safe in spite of their circumstances? The resulting research will shed light on the mechanisms and processes of adaptation to improve stability in regions in which institutions have been compromised by violence, uncertainty and population mobility.

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