Xuecai Ge

2020 Hellman Fellow


Asssistant Professor Molecular and Cell Biology
UC Merced

Project title: Proteomic study of signaling proteins in primary cilium in the developing brain

Project description: Neural progenitors in the brain are regulated by a complex network of cell signaling to make sure that the right neurons are produced at the right location and time. Disturbance in this process leads to various developmental disorders and birth defects. The cell signaling are integrated by the primary cilium, a tiny cell surface organelle known as antenna of the cell. However, we know very little on what cell signaling are sensed by the primary cilium in the brain. We aim to answer this question from a unique angle to catalog the receptors and signaling transducers in the cilium in the brain. We will achieve our goal via proteomic study in a transgenic mouse model that expresses a special biotin labeling protein. The results will help illuminate the molecular pathways that dictate brain development and how errors in cell signaling lead to developmental disorders.