Yong Jae Lee

2017 Hellman Fellow


Assistant Professor, Engineering
UC Davis

Project Title: Automated decoding of pain n the horse

Recognition of pain in animals is important because pain is a manifestation of disease and decreases animal welfare. While most horse owners can recognize severe pain in horses, it takes an expert to diagnose subtle, early signs of pain. To make matters worse, horses—being prey animals—are known to hide signs of pain in front of people. Thus, automated methods that can provide a scalable solution for early detection of pain in horses is in dire need.

This project develops a computer vision system to automatically decode facial expressions of pain in horses. Our veterinary science collaborators have collected and annotated hundreds of videos of horses with and without pain. We will use these videos to train a computer vision system to automatically detect horses that are in pain.

website: http://web.cs.ucdavis.edu/~yjlee/