Jesus Martinez-Gomez

2016 Hellman Graduate Awardee

1st Year PhD in Integrative Biology
UC Berkeley

I was born and raised in the outskirts of Ferndale Washington. My passion for biology can be traced to his second grade class when I raised butterflies from caterpillar. I was amazed at how great Since then the right combination of family support, good science teachers, elbow grease and lot of luck has allowed me to follow my passion to understand the genetics basis of biodiversity.

As a undergraduate I worked with Veronica Di Stillio at the University of Washington studying the evolution of flower development. I gain a passion of biodiversity and the underlying process developmental process that produces that diversity. I worked on elucidate the genetic basis of petaloid in sepals. In graduate school I will continue to explore the evolution of flower as well as other aspect of plant development and their role in producing diversity.

In addition to research I have a strong commitment to outreach and retention of underrepresent, first generation, low income student in higher education. As a undergraduate I was involved in a number of mentorship program in geared towards incoming freshmen navigate and ultimately find a home at the University. I hope to continue my involvement at UC Berkeley.

“I am humbled to have received this award this prestigious award. The support of this award will allow me to continue to purse my passion both allow me to excel in graduate school.”