Andrew Sears

2014 Hellman Graduate Awardee

History of Art – Medieval Art & Architecture
UC Berkeley

Andrew Sears was attracted to the program at UC Berkeley because it granted the unique ability to work across disciplines. Sears has delved into subjects such as German and Comparative Literature through his study of late medieval urbanism. “The History of Art department here has also been fantastic, and really seeks to make us well-rounded scholars, equally at home in universities as in museums,” Sears explains.

Sears says that The Hellman Graduate Award is not only enriching his academic experience, it has also allowing him to conduct research abroad earlier than he anticipated. Over the summer he worked in the curatorial and archival departments at the University of Cologne in Germany, where he gained first-hand experience with documents and objects that he will use in his dissertation research. “It’s truly a special opportunity to begin dissertation work amidst the actual objects I will be studying, and I’m excited to see how that early interaction of really working with the objects will shape my research,” Sears says.