Eduardo Mercado-Marin

2014 Hellman Graduate Awardee

UC Berkeley

Although Eduardo Mercado-Marin’s passion for science began when he was in high school, he didn’t become interested in chemistry until his senior year when he studied A.P. Chemistry. While he was an undergraduate at UC Santa Barbara, he became increasingly interested in organic chemistry. Mercado-Marin decided to attend UC Berkeley because of the wide-range of resources available and the staff’s in-depth knowledge of the subject.

He is currently researching fungal-derived natural products, which display anti-tumor, insecticidal and antibacterial properties. Mercado-Marin says that the Hellman Graduate Award will allow him to continue research that he is passionate about. “Overall, the award is encouragement to continue with research, even though at times experiments don’t always go as well as they seem on paper,” Mercado-Marin says.