Jeremy Roop

2014 Hellman Graduate Awardee

Plant and Microbial Biology
UC Berkeley

Jeremy Roop is unsure of when his interest in science began. He always enjoyed the subject in middle and high school, but by the time that he was an undergrad at The Colorado College, he says that he was “enamored by the biological intricacies and diversity of plants and their interactions with the environment.”

Although he originally considered pursuing a career in ecological fieldwork, he decided to switch his research focus to microbiology, immunology, genetics and public health after working at HIV research labs in San Francisco and abroad.

“The fellowship will undoubtedly be a boon to my resume when I apply for jobs following graduation, and its monetary support has facilitated the pursuit of new areas of research,” Roop says.

He is currently experimenting with budding yeast as a model system to investigate complex questions about biology such as, “How do genes interact with each other and the environment to produce a given trait?”