Kaitlyn Lieschke

2016 Hellman Graduate Awardee


1st Year PhD in Chemistry
UC Berkeley

Kaitlyn is a first year PhD student from Wollongong, Australia. She has been working in atmospheric chemistry research for about three years and is particularly fascinated by the effects of surface emissions and interactions on the composition of the atmosphere. From a young age, Kaitlyn has had an avid curiosity for why and how things work in the world around us and was drawn to science as it provided answers to these questions. She completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Wollongong in Australia majoring in chemistry with a minor in international studies. Throughout her undergraduate career she performed research in organic, medicinal and environmental chemistry before finding her passion in atmospheric chemistry. She was also able to foster a love for teaching chemistry through her undergraduate career working as a teaching assistant at university and a science mentor in schools. In 2015 she completed a project investigating long-term trends in Australian atmospheric composition. In 2016 she has worked on modelling the ozone hole that forms annually over Antartica and measuring aerosols and atmospheric composition over the Southern Ocean. At Berkeley Kaitlyn will be joining the Cohen research group where she will continue her work in atmospheric chemistry.

“I am honoured to be presented with the opportunity to pursue research at a world class institution with leading researchers in chemistry, and excited to be a part of the work that goes on here!”