Michaelangelo D. Tabone

2015 Hellman Graduate Awardee


Energy and Resources
UC Berkeley

Michaelangelo D. Tabone, a Ph.D. candidate in the Graduate Group in MichaelangeloTaboneEnergy and Resources, focuses on the application of data science in energy and environmental issues. He received his M.S. degree in energy and resources from Berkeley in 2012. He chose to continue at Berkeley because of the interdisciplinary approach to environmental research.

Tabone is currently finishing up a project related to the reliability and geographic locations of solar energy systems. In addition, he is an affiliate of the Grid Integration Group at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

“Receiving the Hellman Graduate Award has given me a sense of honor and validation, both from having been nominated by my advisor whom I admire, Duncan Callaway, and from having been chosen by the committee. This encourages me to pursue my own research objectives over the next year and into the future,” he says.