Zachary O’Hagan

2014 Hellman Graduate Awardee

UC Berkeley

Zachary O’Hagan is fascinated in the languages, people and history of Amazonia. He is currently researching the evolution of different languages common to this area, and how their similarities reveal population distributions and language contact in the pre-Columbian and early colonial periods. Over the past four years, O’Hagan has also conducted fieldwork in Peru to study endangered languages.

Along with his research in Amazonia, O’Hagan is involved in two other projects including a study that analyzes the commonalities in different languages in the Tupí-Guaraní language family, which are spoken in parts of French Guiana, Peru, and Brazil.

O’Hagan says that the Hellman Graduate Award will allow him to be “a more informed, attentive, and productive scholar, as well as a more competitive candidate for tenure-track positions in linguistics in a few years.”