Board of Directors

The Hellman Fellows Fund was established in 2010.  The foundation supports academic research through two programs. The Hellman Fellows Program makes awards to junior tenure track faculty employed by program institutions  (list of Hellman Fellows Programs). The Hellman Fellows Fund has recently expanded to include a pilot at UC Berkeley to provide doctoral student support on campus (about the Graduate Awards). The Fund takes no unsolicited requests. 

Frances Hellman, President

Frances Hellman is President of the Hellman Fellows Fund.  She  resides in Berkeley, California with her husband Warren Breslau.  Frances  is Dean of Math & Physical Science, L&S  at the University of California Berkeley.  She started her academic career at the University of San Diego,  received her PhD in Applied Physics at Stanford and did her undergraduate work at Dartmouth.

Research Areas

Condensed Matter Experiment, Materials Physics.  Physics of novel magnetic, semiconducting, and superconducting materials. Thin film growth techniques to prepare materials not available by bulk preparation techniques, such as amorphous alloys, multilayers, or metastable materials. Development of nanocalorimetry for thin films, small bulk samples.


  • Professor, Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley (2005-date)
  • Professor, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Berkeley (2005-date)
  • Member, Materials Sciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2004-date)
  • Assistant to Full Professor, Department of Physics, University of California, San Diego (1987-2004)
  • Postdoctoral Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories (1985-1987)


  • BA, Physics, Dartmouth College; Summa Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa, with high honors in Physics, 1978
  • PhD, Applied Physics, Stanford University, 1985

Selected Honors and Awards

  • APS Keithley Instrumentation Award (2006)
  • Fellow of the American Physical Society (1997)
  • Member, Board on Physics and Astronomy (2001-2007); Executive Committee (2003-2007)
  • Member, Solid State Sciences Committee (SSSC) (2000-2003); member, decadal survey team CMMP 2010 (2005-2006).
  • Member of NSF Advisory Board, Mathematical and Physical Sciences (2003-2006)
  • Chair, Topical Group on Magnetism (GMAG) of APS 2004; Member of Executive Committee 2000-2005; GMAG program chair 2003.
  • Chair, Division of Materials Physics (DMP) of APS (1999-2000); member of Exec Comm (1996-2001).
  • Member APS CSWP (Committee on the Status of Women in Physics) (2002-2005)
  • Member APS POPA (Panel on Public Affairs) (2006-2008)
  • Chair DOE Division of Materials Science and Engineering Advisory Council (2006-date)
  • Community science boards: San Diego Elementary Institute of Science, San Diego Education Fund, San Diego Foundation Science and Technology Working Group, UC-COSMOS, SF Exploratorium

Selected Recent Significant Professional Activities

Selected Recent Significant University or LBNL Service

  • Chair, Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley (2007-date)
  • Chair, Campus Laboratory Operations and Safety Committee
  • Member, Program Committee Campbell Hall
  • Member Materials Science Division Advisory Board, Lawrence Berkeley Lab (2009-date)
  • Committee on Committees, UCSD (2002-4)

Archival Publications and Invited Talks

  • 115 publications in refereed journals
  • 132 invited talks

Recent Courses Taught

  • Physics 112, Statistical and Thermal Physics; equivalents to Physics 7, 7H, 8, 141 at UCSD

Graduate and Undergraduate Research Students, Post-doctoral Scholars Supervised

  • 22 Graduate Students, 56 undergraduate research students, 17 post-doctoral scholars

Selected Archival Journal Publications

D. W. Denlinger, E. N. Abarra, Kimberly Allen, P. W. Rooney, S. K. Watson, and F. Hellman , “Thin film microcalorimeter for heat capacity measurements from 1.5 K to 800 K”. Rev. Sci. Instr. 65, 946 (1994).

F. Hellman, M. Q. Tran, A.E. Gebala, E. Wilcox, and R. C. Dynes, “Metal-Insulator Transition and Giant Negative Magnetoresistance in Amorphous Magnetic Rare Earth-Silicon Alloys”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 77, 4652 (1996).

B.L. Zink, R. Pietri, and F. Hellman, “Thermal conductivity and specific heat of thin-film amorphous silicon”, Phys. Rev. Lett. 6, 1559021-4 (2006).

L. Zeng, E. Helgren, R. Islam, D. J. Smith, F. Hellman, “Microstructure, magnetotransport and magnetic properties of Gd doped amorphous carbon”, Phys. Rev. B 75, 235450 (2007), also selected for July 16, 2007 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology.

D. R. Queen and F. Hellman, “Thin film nanocalorimeter for heat capacity measurements of 30 nm films”, Rev. Sci. Instr. 80, 063901 (2009); also selected for June 15, 2009 issue of Virtual Journal of Nanoscale Science & Technology.

Z. Boekelheide, David W. Cooke, E. Helgren, F. Hellman, “Resonant impurity scattering and electron-phonon scattering in the electrical resistivity of Cr thin films,” Phys. Rev. B, 80, 134426 (2009).

Li Zeng, J. X. Cao, E. Helgren, J. Karel, E. Arenholz, Lu Ouyang, David J. Smith, R.Q. Wu, F. Hellman, “Distinct local electronic structure and magnetism for Mn in amorphous Si and Ge”, Phys. Rev. B 82, 26040 (2010).

Z. Boekelheide, A. X. Gray, C. Papp, B. Balke, D. A. Stewart, S. Ueda, K. Kobayashi, F. Hellman, and C. S. Fadley, “Band gap and electronic structure of an epitaxial, semiconducting Cr0.80Al0.20 thin film”,  Phys. Rev. Lett. 105, 236404 (2010).

D. W. Cooke, J. R. Groves, F. Hellman, B.M. Clemens, S. Moyerman, and E.E. Fullerton, “Calorimetry of epitaxial thin films”, Rev. Sci. Instr. 82, 023908 (2011).

H. -J. Lee, J. Karel, D. Cooke, and F. Hellman, “Electron-mediated Ferromagnetism in CoO/ZnO Multilayers”, submitted to Nature Physics.

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Mick Hellman, Director

Marco (Mick) Hellman resides in San Franciso with his wife Sabrina, raising a family of five daughters.  Mick received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California Berkeley and an MBA from Harvard University.

Mick Hellman is the founder and managing partner of HMI Capital. Prior to creating HMI Capital, he spent most of his career at Hellman & Friedman, LLC, where he was a managing director and member of the Investment Committee. Mick also established Hellman & Friedman’s Hong Kong office in 1992 and currently serves as a Senior Advisor. He is the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Blackbaud (NYSE: BLKB) and is a former director of Hongkong International Terminals, Mitchell International and trustee of USA Cycling.

Mick is a bicycle racer winning awards in the US National Championship (2007), Masters Track World Championships (2007), and in regional and world time trial championships (2007).

Civic Activities include:

  • Bay Area Discovery Museum, former Trustee
  • Foxcroft School, Trustee and Investment Committee Chair
  • Hellman Fellows Fund, Director and Audit Committee Chair
  • Hellman Foundation, Director and Audit Committee Chair
  • Marin Country Day School, former Trustee
  • Rosenberg Foundation, Trustee
  • USA Cycling Development Foundation, Trustee

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F. Warren Hellman, Founder (1934 – 2011)

Warren Hellman, born in New York City in 1934, graduated from Lowell High School in San Francisco, the University of California Berkeley (1955), and Harvard Business School (1959).

For most of his business career, Warren Hellman, his wife (Chris) and their four children resided on the East Coast.  For fifteen years (1962-1977), he was a Partner at Lehman Brothers in New York, serving as head of Lehman’s Investment Banking Division, President and Director of Lehman Brothers and Chair of Lehman Corporation. From 1977 to 1984 he held positions as a General Partner at Hellman, Ferri Investment Associates in Boston,  Matrix Partners in Boston, and Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb in San Francisco.

In 1984, with Tully Friedman, formerly a Managing Director of Salomon Brothers Inc., Mr. Hellman formed Hellman & Friedman, a firm to be engaged primarily in the investment of its own capital.

Warren Hellman was a Director of Osterweis Capital Management, Inc.; Sugar Bowl Corporation; D.N.&E. Walter & Co.; Hall Capital Partners, LLC; Advisory Board Member, Rosewood Capital and Shorenstein Properties.

Civic activities included:

  • American Academy of Arts & Sciences – Member and Fellow
  • Bay Area Council – Board of Directors
  • Bay Citizen – Founder and Chairman of the Board
  • Brookings Institution – Trustee Emeritus
  • Committee on JOBS – Member
  • Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival – Founder and Principal Sponsor
  • Hellman Family Foundation – Founder and President
  • Hellman Fellows Fund – Founder and President
  • Jewish Community Endowment Fund – Chair
  • Jewish Community Federation – Member, Board of Directors & Executive Committee
  • San Francisco Chamber of Commerce – Member and Board of Directors
  • San Francisco Foundation — Former Chairman and Current Trustee Emeritus
  • San Francisco School Alliance Business Advisory Council – Chair and Board Member
  • UC-Berkeley Foundation – Trustee
  • Walter A. Haas School of Business at UC-Berkeley  – Member and Advisory Board

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Patricia (Chris) Hellman, Founder (1933 – 2017)

Chris Hellman was born in London England and was a scholar at the Royal Academy of Dancing. She was awarded the Solo Seal and Adeline Genee silver medal of the Royal Academy of Dancing in 1951. She danced with London’s Festival Ballet for four years, retiring in 1955 as a Soloist.

Ms. Hellman married F. Warren Hellman and  moved to New York, raised her children, and began her long involvement with groups promoting ballet, physical education, arts and culture, as well as community programs.

Having been an avid skier and gold medal winner in Masters World Cup Slalom competition, Ms. Hellman co-founded and chaired the Stratton Mountain School in Vermont, a college preparatory school, that also served as a training ground for members of the Olympic Ski Team (students of the school competed in the last five Olympic games).

After moving to San Francisco, she became a member of the Board of Trustees of the San Francisco Ballet Association in 1983. She was Vice President and Chair of the Artistic Committee from 1986 through 1991 when she was elected Chair of the Board of Trustees.

She was also chair of the San Francisco Art Organization’s Task Force and was a board member of the San Francisco Free Clinic.

Along with her community and arts involvements, Ms. Hellman was a committed painter. She found the excitement of color and the experience of painting to be as exacting and demanding as ballet dancing and skiing. She began exhibiting her watercolors at the Rena Bransten Gallery in 1996.

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