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2003 Hellman Fellow

Victoria Petrovich

Building a body of research in digital production design for performance (UCSD)

Victoria Petrovich is a Professor of Theatre & Dance at UC San Diego, specializing in design. She joined the faculty in 2002 as a theatrical scenic and costume designer. Her background in community-based mural projects led her to work in scenic design with El Teatro Campesino, a theater collective which offered the perfect blend of literature, music, dance, drama, architecture, and visual arts – in a collaborative environment shared with diverse artists and community.

Her 2003 Hellman Fellowship supported a project that deepened and broadened her research into the emerging field of digital projection design for live performance. She focused on the creation and integration of virtual spaces in visual storytelling forms such as cinematic, illusionistic, and abstract environments/scenic spaces. Since then she has applied her creative research discoveries to design roughly 45+ national and international productions (including plays, operas, new-music theater, national and international telematic music concerts, and outdoor architectural projection installations for cultural events). Her research has manifested many new collaborations, and several undergraduate and graduate students working with her have gone on to their own careers in digital projection design.

The Hellman Fellowship is a gift that keeps on giving: it provided the resources to distinguish my research in an emerging field of live performance design; it expanded my professional artistic practice; it advanced my academic research, and deeply enriched my related teaching expertise.

– Victoria Petrovich, Ph.D.

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