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Delmar Larsen

Project Title: Breaking the Efficiency Limit for Solar Photovoltaic Devices The Larsen group focuses on exploring the ultrafast processes (fs to ns) of photoreceptors and other light sensitizing proteins which serve central ro... Read More


Bodo Bookhagen

Project Title: Landsliding and erosion during the 2009-10 and previous El Ninos in the Santa Barbara Area "The Hellman Fellowship provided me with the financial freedom to pursue my research and allowed me to acq... Read More


Sigrid Close

Project Title: Electromagnetic effects from hypervelocity impacts on spacecraft "The Hellman Fellowship allowed me to support one of my first students, who developed particle-in-cell simulations for hypervelocity i... Read More

Neil Roberts Hari Ramesh A

Neil Roberts

Project Title: "Non-State Actors in Dark Times: A Comparative Inquiry into the Rastafari and Carl Schmitt" "The Hellman Fellowship provided me with essential research funding at an early phase of my scholarly career. Looki... Read More