Iryna Dronova

2017 Hellman Fellow

Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning
UC Berkeley

Project Title: Urban resilience to intensifying heat under different climatic and socioeconomic contexts

Project description:
This study focuses on the questions: What aspects of urban landscape structure enable greater resilience to increasing heat in different climates globally, and how are these properties affected by the socioeconomic context of development? Increasing resilient capacity of urban systems in the face of increasing heat hazards has become a critical planning objective globally. However, there is a lack of replicable indicators that could be compared among climatically and socioeconomically different regions. This study will utilize 25+ years of satellite data to develop and test such indicators for a set of different global cities and to assess reveal which aspects of urban landscape structure and dynamics are the strongest predictors of resilience in different climates and socio-economic contexts to inform future policies and planning.